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Ten reasons to choose Pipe Ten

  1. Passionate SUPPORT

    Passionate Support

    Team Leaders"The driving force behind Pipe Ten is our passion for what we do. We believe our support is as important as the services we supply and hold ourselves to the same high standards as we expect from others."

    The Pipe Ten Team

  2. Proactive MANAGEMENT

    Proactive Management

    Go for hostingWhy wait for a problem to become an outage? Pipe Ten proactively seeks out and fixes developing issues before they become visible.

    Over 3000 values are monitored across each server per hour and immediately raised to your UK based engineering team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  3. Premium TECHNOLOGY

    Premium Technology

    David Hooper"Using some of the best quality data centres, fastest networks, latest technologies and only premium branded hardware, Pipe Ten performs at the cutting edge of the hosting industry to give you that critical advantage over your competition."

    David Hooper, Operations Director

  4. Uniquely FLEXIBLE

    Uniquely Flexible

    Flexible hostingChoose between Linux or Windows,
    Scale your hosting based on demand without penalty and switch between different versions of your favoured programming language with just a few clicks.

    Pipe Ten is flexible to you and your applications needs with fully managed shared, cloud, dedicated, and bespoke hosting solutions.

  5. Always AVAILABLE

    Always Available

    Jamie Moynahan"Our Sheffield based team never sleep, providing 24/7/365 support & engineering coverage for all services.

    With five different methods to receive support, instant live chat and an average time to resolution below 15 minutes, our customers love it."

    Jamie Moynahan - Support Manager

  6. Expert ADVICE

    Expert Advice

    Matthew Scully"To be responsible for your web presence and become an extension to your business, we have to understand your needs.

    Our experienced support and engineering teams provide honest and accurate advice without the need for sales people or pressure."

    Matthew Scully - Server Administrator

  7. Data Centre INDEPENDENT

    Data Centre Independent

    Multiple Data CentresPipe Ten maintains relationships with different world class enterprise data centre providers primarily in the European and UK markets.

    Spreading highly available infrastructure across multiple highly redundant data centre, network and power providers Pipe Ten can build solutions to match your SLA, budget and applications needs.

  8. Believable PRICING

    Believable Pricing

    Beware cheap imitationsIf something seems too good to be true it usually is. You get what you pay for and with Pipe Ten that means quality.

    Hard drives with unlimited storage and networks with unlimited bandwidth capacity just don't exist, Pipe Ten guarantees to provide exactly what is advertised and what you've paid for without overselling, using slower storage or contented networks.

  9. Proven EXCELLENCE

    Proven Excellence

    Gavin Kimpton"Over the past 10 years we've been providing premium managed hosting services, with outstanding support at fair prices and we don't plan on changing that at all. Don't just take our word for it though, see what our customers have to say."

    Gavin Kimpton, Managing Director

  10. Pipe Ten GUARANTEE

    Pipe Ten Guarantees:

    Stamp of excellence

    • No overselling or false promises
    • No gimmicks or tricks
    • No hidden or unfair terms
    • No transfer or hidden fees
    • Satisfaction or your money back!

    Try now or chat with our hosting experts.




Welcome to Pipe Ten Hosting, quality UK based managed hosting service from Sheffield since 2002.



Recent Reviews


20 February 2014

Excellent UK based company with high quality local support!

I have been with PIPETEN for a number of years and have transferred all my business to them. They are an absolutely excellent company who have always valued me as a customer. This is unusual in todays world of 'big' business! I just contacted their support ten after hours and was pleasantly surprised to get a UK representative instead of the usual offshore call centre. Top marks and HIGHLY recommended. I wish all service providers were this good! Also should mention Matthew in support who was patient and very helpful. Top marks!


23 January 2014

The epitome of the term "customer service"

Yeah, so their website looks dated and how do make hosting and whatnot sexy anyway? The control panel is a bit clunky and you have to register separate accounts for domain registration and hosting. But time after time the dudes on live chat have all the answers. All of them. They are patient and polite and knowledgeable and it finally occurred to me that all that other stuff doesn't matter. What matters is that my websites are live, my email's coming through, and I know that whenever I have a question someone is there on the other end of a keyboard who will help me out. Hence, the epitome of "customer service".

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